Our Pastors

Pastor Dr. Peter Lundberg
Pastor Emeritus Herb Lange
Admin Council Chair 
Rob Perrone 
Lay Leader(s)
Barry Griffin 
Lay Minister 
Jamie Byrd 
Janet Hamm
Interpreter of Connectional Giving
Leslie Allen
Rhonda CoyChair
Tom Tomlin 
Jerry Nahrwold* 
Robert Matulik 
Sandy Sears 
Mark Holloway 
Jody Edwards 
Dennis Beeker 
Tim Green 
Don Sanders 
Dean Thomas 
Edie FrancoeurChair
Robin AllredTreasurer
Phil Lemons* 
Janet HammFinancial Secretary
Mary Weiss 
Cynthia Sides* 
Janice Boorse* 
Juanita Thomas 
SPRC5 to 9
Janet Rankin 
TC Seibert 
Susan Griffin 
Terry Kirkpatrick 
Tom TomlinChair
Allie Boston* 
Lay leader 
Leadership teams 
Men’s Group 
Jamie ByrdChair
Steve Nemeth*Breakfast Chair
Hospitality Team 
Pat WampnerChair
Marsha Ebaugh* 
Tania Leberanz* 
Janet Rankin* 
Sherryl Florko* 
Edie Francouer* 
June Clauss* 
Outreach and Missions 
Mark Duncan* 
Leslie Allen 
Christine Duncan*Chair
Alisha Reith 
Ken and Sherryl Florko 
Eric Chaykosky 
Pat Cleland 
Robin Allred 
Debbie Lundberg 
Larry O’LearyChair
Mark Holloway 
Janet Rankin 
Dean Thomas 
Christine Duncan* 
Juanita Thomas 
Youth and Children’s Ministry 
Susan GriffinChair Person
Leslie Allen 
Mark and Christine Duncan 
Alisha Reith 
Esther Cordero and Totyo Ivanov 
Ally Boston 
Barry GriffinCo Chair
Tech Ministry   
Rob Perrone 
Tom Tomlin 
Art Stewart 
Dean Thomas 
Ally Boston 
Anti-Racism Reps 
Lay Leader 
SPRC Chair 
Angel Quiles 
Laurie Byrd 
Nominating Committee 
Committee Heads 
Jerry Antozzi 
Sec Charge Conference 
Janet Hamm