July 1, 2021, No Burden Added
The verdict of the church was “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you!” The implication was a faith-based relationship-oriented church. Today’s thought is based on Acts 15:22-35
June 30 I am often amazed at how many unwritten rules churches have. “Three Hymns, hour-long services, and in many cases expectations that are not from the Scripture. The early church received the orders, “Do not make the church more difficult!” Today’s thought is based on Acts 15:12-21
June 29, 2021 The First Great Church Fight
I once was asked to referee a church fight. (Not our church, but another I was not connected with.) I asked what causing the fight and the organist said, “I am causing it. I feel I am here to oppose the pastor!” I asked why, he answered with Because that is what I was called to do!” Since I had no continual involvement with the church, I replied back, “No one is called to do that. What is you reason?” “I don’t like him.” I answered, “God called you to love your neighbor, and that means your pastor as well.” I ended up telling the group to stop fighting.
But the first church fight was a fight that had to occur. Today’s thought is based on Acts 15:1-11
June 24 Hardship for Christ
Sometimes following Christ can be tough. So many came to know Christ through his ministry. But what a price he paid. Today’s thought is based on Acts 14:19-25
June 23 Credit to God
Everyone was amazed when Paul healed a man in Lystra. What came next was vital. Paul pointed to the real healer—God. Today’s thought is based on Acts 14:8-18
June 22 Moving On
Years ago a youth pastor was let go because his youth group was too loud, and he would not agree to cap their numbers! He moved on with some of the youth and went on to found what became one of the largest churches in the country. I find it sobering to think of what those that rejected the youth pastor’s leadership missed. Today’s thought is based on Acts 13:38-46.
June 17 The Man who was Wise in His Own Eyes
When Paul was preaching in Paphos he met opposition from a man who had two names. The first name is Hebrew literally is “son of Jesus” but mean he was an advisor and the second name carried a title. “Elymas the Wise.” Listen to what happens when the wisdom of the man Elymas encountered the foolishness of God spoken by Paul. Today’s thought is based on Acts 13:6-12
June 16 Special Work
One day a group of prophets and teachers were worshiping, praying and fasting together, when they received a message from God to set apart Barnabas and Saul for the work of God. Today’s thought is based on Acts 13:1-5.
June 15 Thinking Too Much of Yourself
1 Peter 5:5 says, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” Herod was conceited and proud. But this ancient king’s faith in himself proved to be false. Today’s thought is based on Acts 12:19-24
June 10, 2021 A Miracle Questioned
Peter was arrested for being a Christian. The church thought he was dead. But when Peter showed up to a prayer meeting, everyone thought it must be his angel.
Today’s thought is based on Acts 12:1-19
June 9, 2021 A New Team
God asks us to serve him. He asks us to be effective in ministry and to follow His plan. But if we do not, he may raise up others who will.
Today’s thought is based on Acts 11:19-26
June 8, 2021 – Criticizing God
Are you stuck in your ways? Watch what you criticize. It could be that God wants you to change!
Today’s thought is based on Acts 11:1-18.
June 3 2021 I Did Not Expect This
I once had a little dog named Oscar. Oscar would chase leaves in the fall and get a leaf stuck on his head then run right into something. – What about you? Are you running blind?
June 2 2021 Favoritism.
God does not show favoritism, but accepts all who trust in him.
Today’s thought is based on Acts 10: 34-43
June 1 2021 Confirmation
What is better than one person getting direction from God? Two people getting the same vision from God.
Today’s thought is based on Acts 10:1-23

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