Devotions for Christmas

Read the Scriptures and hear the promises of God, as you look at how the church changes the world, and as you experience Christ working in your life. Today’s Thought is based on Luke 1:18-25
It might surprise you, but people in the days of Jesus were waiting for a prophet who served as an announcer for Jesus. Today’s lesson is built on Luke 1:14-17
Bay in the Morning
Most know that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would bear a son. But did you know that around a half of a year earlier, Gabriel appeared to someone else to promise a son? Today’s thought is based on Luke 1:5-13
Christmas in Bethlehem brings confidence today. Today’s thought is based on Micah 5:2
When it comes to the coming Christmas, God was very specific. This should bring confidence to all of us. Today’s thought is based on Isaiah 11:1-11
RE OLDS park
Have you looked at the stars and wondered what God has planned for you? Today’s thought is based on Genesis 15:1-6
Oldsmar Pier at night
Are You preparing your heart for Christmas? Are you revving up your joy? Today’s Passage is based on Isaiah 52:7-9

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