January 30, 2024
The Sun Stands Still
Many are unfamiliar with Joshua’s valiant struggle to safeguard the Gibeonites. The Gibeonites, employing cunning tactics, managed to forge an alliance with the unsuspecting Israelites. Despite falling victim to deception, Joshua chose the path of honesty. The lesson gleaned from this narrative is the importance of acting with unwavering integrity, even in the face of deceit from those around us.
Remarkably, God acknowledged Joshua’s integrity by intervening to protect him and his troops, halting the sun in its course!. Today’s devotion is based on Joshua 10.
January 25, 2024

Whoops, Forgot to Pray

As Christians, we are admonished to maintain a constant state of prayer. Nevertheless, there are instances when decisions appear so simple, demanding immediate action—seemingly a no-brainer. This was the mindset embraced by Joshua, To learn more, listen to today’s devotion based on Joshua 9.
January 24, 2024
After the Fall

How does one navigate the path to recovery from sin? Frequently, I’ve turned to the wisdom of 1 John 1 in the Scriptures, acknowledging the profound truth: “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” Yet, what do you need to do after the confession? To learn more, listen to today’s devotion based on Joshua 8.
January 23, 2024


At times, we fail to fully grasp the corrosive influence of sin. The nation under Joshua was thriving, displaying remarkable progress. However, inevitably, a pivotal moment unfolded. Achan, driven by desire, chose to claim possessions consecrated for God. The repercussions extended beyond Achan, impacting the entire community. Similarly, our own transgressions reverberate, affecting not only ourselves but also those around us. To learn more, listen to today’s devotion based on Joshua 7.
January 18, 2024
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down
From a human perspective, the approach to conquer Jericho appeared unconventional: marching around the city, blowing trumpets, maintaining silence, and then shouting. It seemed peculiar as a winning strategy. However, the intention behind this unconventional tactic was to instill in the Israelites the awareness that God was diligently overseeing their endeavors. Similarly, Christian strategies centered on love and patience may strike some as odd, yet they serve as a tangible demonstration of the profound power of God at work. To learn more, listen to today’s thought based on Joshua 6.
January 17, 2024 
While the fall of Jericho is a familiar tale to many, it’s possible that some crucial details, relevant to your own life, may have escaped your notice. Even before the city’s walls crumbled, God assured Joshua, saying, “See, I have given you the city.” The unwavering truth of God’s promises is evident. Similarly, the narrative unfolds to demonstrate God’s providence for Rahab, emphasizing that His assurances extend even to those considered lowly sinners. To learn more, listen to today’s thought based on Joshua 6.

January 16, 2024
The Manna Stopped Falling
The Israelites consistently reflected on God’s provision of food in the wilderness. However, the reality was that manna descended from heaven as a response to their complaints. Despite its initial appeal, the taste of manna lost its allure over the course of 40 years, and they began to crave other delectable foods. Intriguingly, upon entering the promised land, the supply of manna abruptly ceased. This narrative underscores the shifting dynamics as God led them into a new phase of abundance in the promised land. To learn more, listen to today’s thought based on Joshua 5:10-12.

The Crossing
The call came to the nation of Israel to transition from their comfort zone to an unfamiliar territory—a land pledged to them by God. The moment they embarked on this journey, everything would undergo a profound transformation. The arduous wilderness would give way to a land teeming with abundance, all orchestrated by the hand of God. To learn more, listen to today’s lesson based on Joshua 4
Prepare and move forward
Prepare yourself with anticipation, stand ready for the journey ahead. Pause briefly, allowing time for divine guidance to unfold. Move forward with the assurance of God’s leading, and witness the remarkable outcomes that only God can orchestrate. This valuable lesson resonates from the pages of the book of Joshua. To learn more, listen to today’s video based on Joshua 3.
January 9, 2024
Rahab and the Spies The Lord has Given You
On two occasions, God dispatched twelve spies to explore the promised land. The initial expedition returned with a report tainted by doubt, proclaiming, “The land is indeed abundant, but we lack the strength to conquer it.” Regrettably, their lack of faith barred them from entering the coveted promised land. Years later, a second group embarked on the same mission. Their declaration resonated with confidence: “The Lord has unquestionably bestowed this land upon us.” A stark contrast emerged between the self-centered perspective of the first group and the unwavering trust in God exhibited by the second group. To learn more, listen to today’s thought based on Joshua 2
January 4, 2024  

Get Ready, Get Set

To witness the workings of God, you must heed His call. Joshua, entrusted with the promise of every land he set his foot on, was tasked with strength, faith,  and attentive obedience to God’s guidance. This should be a lesson for us all. To learn more, listen to today’s definition based on Joshua 1:8–18.
January 3, 2024

You Will Lead

In the embrace of God’s presence, certainty takes root. However, the challenge lies in our tendency to be unwaveringly certain about our own shortcomings, often overlooking the strength that God can bestow upon us. Therefore, He encourages us with the directive to “be strong and courageous.” Today’s thought is based on Joshua 1:5-9
January 2, 2024

 The Patience of God

Have you ever contemplated the perplexing prevalence of wickedness prevailing at times? It’s worth noting that God’s overarching desire is the salvation of all people, demonstrating profound patience with everyone, including those deemed “wicked.” This patience extends to us, as well as to our children and grandchildren. Today’s thought is based on Joshua 1:1-4
Dec 28, 2023

The Nearsighted

During my time in junior high school, my eyesight deteriorated to the point where I walked into my uncle’s cabin and confused my shorter cousin Bruce for my taller uncle Neil. That moment marked my acknowledgment of being nearsighted. Consider this: Jesus approached people who should have easily recognized Him, but they were spiritually nearsighted, unable to perceive His true identity. Their failure wasn’t due to physical eyesight, but rather, their hearts were veiled. Explore this concept further by tuning in to today’s devotion, drawing insights from John 1:9-13

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