Recent Devotions

August 26, 2021, No Sin to Great
No sin is too great, and no excuse is enough. Neither Paul nor Moses deserved to be used by God. But that is just the point. Today’s thought is based on Acts 22:17-21.
August 25, 2021, What are you waiting for?
Sometimes we like to ruminate over the past, but God forgives, forgets and says, Get going.” Today’s thought for the day is based on Acts 22:10-16.
August 24, 2021, What shall I do Lord?
Paul asked the right question. He was forgiven and changed by a personal encounter with Jesus. He replied, “What shall I do?” Today’s thought for the day is based on Acts 22:1-10
August 19, 2021, Why are you weeping?
Everyone knew Paul was going to certain doom as announced he was headed back to Jerusalem. But Paul said, “Why are you weeping and breaking my heart?” Today’s Thought is based on Acts 21:10-14.
August 18, 2021, Bad news and Prayer
Paul continues to amaze me. He has just told a church that he is never going to see their faces and that he will experience trials. What does he do? He kneels down with them all and prays!
Today’s Thought is based on Acts 20:36-38.
August 17, 2021, More blessed to give than to receive
Paul had every reason to think about himself. He was walking into dangerous times. But instead he told people that they should follow Jesus is teaching, “It is better to give than to receive.” Today’s Thought is based on Acts 20:32-35.
August 12, 2021, Be on Your Guard
This probably will not surprise you but not everything you read or hear is the truth. There are people who distort the truth for their own gain. Today’s Thought is based on Acts 20:27-31.
August 11, 2021, Handling Hardships
As Paul traveled throughout the Roman world, he knew he faced hardships. Yet he was willing to even give up his life. His secret—to finish the task Jesus had given him. Today’s Thought is based on Acts 20:23-27.
August 10, 2021, Without Hesitation
Saying goodbye is never easy. But Paul knew he had completed his task because he spoke about the good news of Jesus without hesitation. Today’s Thought is based on Acts 20:13-21.