Devotions on Mark

Oldsmar Days
The power of prayer and the forgiveness of sins? Today’s thought is based on Mark 11:17-26
Sunrise Service
Sunrise Service
Jesus was famous. Crowds followed him everywhere. Today’s thought is based on Mark 11:8-12
Bay in Morning
In the days of Rome a conqueror would enter riding a white horse. Jesus came riding a donkey. Today’s thought is based on Mark 11:1-7
Bay in morning
People can be callous and even cruel towards those who are hurting. But Jesus responded in kindness and compassion. Today’s thought is based on Mark 10:46-52
Person Looking at the cross
It may surprise many, but the disciples tried to maneuver Jesus to give them the best heaven could offer. But they totally misunderstood. Today’s thought is based on Mark 10:31-45
Bay at Dusk
The disciples knew a man who was much better than them! But when the young so-called good man spoke to Jesus, the young man went away sad because he realized that he was still not good enough! Today’s thought is based on Mark 10:26-31
Rainbow in Oldsmar
No matter how many times he was encouraged by the words of Jesus such as “who believes in him shall have eternal life.”, most of Jesus’s listeners thought the way to God was through their good works. Today’s thought is based on Mark 10:17-27

RE OLDS park
Little children just do not have the hang-ups that many adults have. They are open and have a child-like faith that all of us need. Today’s devotion is entitled, “Welcome a child, Welcome God.” and is based on Mark 9:36-37
Jesus sometimes reverses common thinking. He lost His life to gain life for all. And so he said to be first you need to be last! Today’s thought is based on Mark 9:30-35.

Sometimes we pray and pray. But do we actually believe that God will act? “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Today’s thought is titled, “If You Can?” and is from Mark 9:14-29